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exit magic 3

Exit festival 07 – 10 of July 2016.

My impressions are not yet totally shrugged but I don’t have any more time to calculate it… All in all, my most sincere and subjective impression is that I had a phenomenal time in EXIT. Real picture this year’s EXIT Festival is that the lineup was bombing commercial as on Main Stage where were all the artist which you can hear on almost every radio station but also on Dance Arena which was also seriously pumped in by commercial wave. To be honest, I really don’t have anything against commercial music, is a musical direction and it should be on the festival like any other…but…for all these years I have expected that EXIT should gain on musical width but as it looks like to me it is squeezing. For example, the lineup of our dearest Dance Arena is crazy, the very top of world’s DJ list, big names that all local clubbers crave for but local party organizers don’t have the budget to book them. I was also looking forward to some of the names but the point of my  objection, the point is that those names are also in some way “commercial” because those are the top names that all clubbers recognize, so there isn’t any broadening of horizons and representing something not maybe new but maybe something a bit different to the young crowed which is possessing nowadays dance floor. Totally honestly saying, I count on big, leading festivals such is EXIT, that one of his purpose, also, is musical education of youngsters, especially now on the shift of generations and hordes of young people visit this year’s festival. Second thing on which I also deeply object is Dance Arena’s timetable. Here is the example, on the first night until 4 AM we could hear only the highest level of commercial songs among others  “How deep is your love” and after 4 AM were James Zabiela, Solomund and TTP so I rely don’t get it, that kind of mixing of totally different musical directions and I because of that a lot of people who wanted to listen to those last acts, just had skipped the whole night. Whit those kind of things festival loses as the crowd as the money. Also, look at this, there were slots of just one hour such had Zabiela and TTP reunion which was very hyped up, but for what, for a slot of one hour for thee of them ??? That is a pure marketing trick if you ask me and they haven’t look back to the crowed, pure lovers of that music and what the performance of TTP reunion maybe means to them. I am feeling very very sorry because for, according to my opinion everything is going in some not cool direction in which I also include constantly switching of the people inside teams and not any people, very quality workers.  If I look at the big picture, all these things really do harm to the festival and key people inside...


GREEN LOVE 2016/METODI HRISTOV/15th of oktober/Spens, Novi Sad

Green Love Festival starts it's 7th winter season of Novi Sad's clubbing with one of the popular fresh names of tech house and techno world scene, Metodi Hristov. With his truly unique style, ranging from the darker side of tech house to the raw house beats, Bulgarian-based Metodi Hristov was able to win the fans of electronic music for a short period of time. He loves to experiment and mix up different music styles, which results in an unexpectedly good combination. His release „Step Outside“ back in May 2014 was cited by Matthias Tanzmann as his Number 1 record of the Ibiza season. It wasn’t only Moonharbour main man who was all over Metodi’s anthem. His productions gain support by various world known artists for some years, like: Marco Carola, Richie Hawtin, Joris Voorn, Mendo, Andre Crom, Mark Knight, Jay Lumen, Pan-Pot, Ramon Tapia, Audiojack and others. Metodi has produced a huge library of quality tracks and is currently producing for big labels and remixing popular artists, converting the music to fit his own style. A part of those labels are Glasgow Underground, Gruuv, Rejected, Lapsus Music, OFF Recordings, Deeperfect, ViVa Music, Toolroom Records, KD Music and many more.As well as being a highly respected producer he has already earned a reputation for being a formidable DJ having played all over the world and with some particularly notable sets. Metodi's rise over the last year has been nothing short of phenomenal! For all the information follow :

chris 1

Chris Liebing @ Apgrade 27.05 // Mark Knight @ Love & Culture 28.05.

Belgrade, more precisely, Barutana had an honor to hear sounds of the new Model1 mixer for the second time in three weeks, which is really a prestige. Also, one of the ambassadors of PlayDifferently Model1 Mixer, Chris Liebing, came again to Serbia but this time as first act of Apgrade’s summer season. I wanted to catch a little bit of Monosaccharide’s set, which was the intro for main act, so I came to the party to almost full venue around 12:30 AM. Liebing was a bit late, somewhere around 20 to 30 minutes, so I had a chance to listen to this female / male duo for almost an hour. They say for themselves that they are infected with techno, future underground atmosphere and that their music can be categorized into cosmic frequencies. My opinion is that they play good, dark, techno, which I personally really like. Yes, it is flat but filled with deep grooves combined with moments of industrial and hypnotic sound. The only thing I would have preferred is that they could have played on vinyl or CD Players, on which I know they know how to play, instead on just computer and mixer. The thing is, I like to hear that human touch when I listen to someone’s mix, considering them in this case, because when the mix is done only with computer and mixer everything sounds just too perfect. I can’t say this for artist that use some other machines including computer and mixer, so in that case I don’t have that problem because than you can see artist’s skill how he combines all of that in his unique sound. Monosaccharide did a good opening set, I can’t say intro because it really sounded like the set which they regularly play but at the end of it they lowered bpm a little bit so Chris could easily flow in. According to the timetable, Chris Liebing have had full three hours of his performance, so the way he started totally make sense, with a lot lowered  bpm than previous duo. I think he wanted to tell his own story. For me the beginning was really nice, I was flowing, calm beats but still clicking techno and than somewhere around 2:30 AM and for the next approximately 45 minutes, in my opinion he was a bit boring. To be honest it seemed like I was the only one thinking like that, because with who ever I spoke to, he told me I was wrong. But.. Also for one another thing, I got the same, totally opposite opinion, it was considering Liebing’s last year’s performance in Depo which was for me much better than this one, but few people to who I have spoken with, think that this one was better. Again, taste differences… Lets throw back time a little, to the beginning of my clubbing career. I wasn’t a fan of Liebing’s music, that style of hard techno that he played just wasn’t according to my taste. After many years...