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Chris Liebing @ Apgrade 27.05 // Mark Knight @ Love & Culture 28.05.

Belgrade, more precisely, Barutana had an honor to hear sounds of the new Model1 mixer for the second time in three weeks, which is really a prestige. Also, one of the ambassadors of PlayDifferently Model1 Mixer, Chris Liebing, came again to Serbia but this time as first act of Apgrade’s summer season. I wanted to catch a little bit of Monosaccharide’s set, which was the intro for main act, so I came to the party to almost full venue around 12:30 AM. Liebing was a bit late, somewhere around 20 to 30 minutes, so I had a chance to listen to this female / male duo for almost an hour. They say for themselves that they are infected with techno, future underground atmosphere and that their music can be categorized into cosmic frequencies. My opinion is that they play good, dark, techno, which I personally really like. Yes, it is flat but filled with deep grooves combined with moments of industrial and hypnotic sound. The only thing I would have preferred is that they could have played on vinyl or CD Players, on which I know they know how to play, instead on just computer and mixer. The thing is, I like to hear that human touch when I listen to someone’s mix, considering them in this case, because when the mix is done only with computer and mixer everything sounds just too perfect. I can’t say this for artist that use some other machines including computer and mixer, so in that case I don’t have that problem because than you can see artist’s skill how he combines all of that in his unique sound. Monosaccharide did a good opening set, I can’t say intro because it really sounded like the set which they regularly play but at the end of it they lowered bpm a little bit so Chris could easily flow in. According to the timetable, Chris Liebing have had full three hours of his performance, so the way he started totally make sense, with a lot lowered  bpm than previous duo. I think he wanted to tell his own story. For me the beginning was really nice, I was flowing, calm beats but still clicking techno and than somewhere around 2:30 AM and for the next approximately 45 minutes, in my opinion he was a bit boring. To be honest it seemed like I was the only one thinking like that, because with who ever I spoke to, he told me I was wrong. But.. Also for one another thing, I got the same, totally opposite opinion, it was considering Liebing’s last year’s performance in Depo which was for me much better than this one, but few people to who I have spoken with, think that this one was better. Again, taste differences… Lets throw back time a little, to the beginning of my clubbing career. I wasn’t a fan of Liebing’s music, that style of hard techno that he played just wasn’t according to my taste. After many years...