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Grande SOLOMUN @ Ambasada Gavioli //21.05.//

Before I begin review of the party I would, with great respect, dedicate this introductory part to the Ambasada Gavioli club. For all these years that I participate in clubbing scene all around the world and beside my wish to visit this club there were always some issues. I guess it until now it wasn’t meant to be, but from now on I am very positive that we are going to see each other quite more often.

Ambasada Gavioli was founded in 1995 and until today it is strongly holding the reputation of one of the best clubs in this part of Europe. If we look at those 21 years of hard work, that for sure is not a small thing at all, minding all the changes and turbulence that electronic music scene had for that period. Just to have a club that properly works for all these years and still maintaining this high reputation is for really deep respect.  As we can see how this season has started with lineup, this club can go only one step up or maybe more. DJs who already played for this season are Nina Kraviz, Seth Troxler, Green Velvet, Dave Clarke… That tells it all… The very peak of world’s electronic music scene.

prva fotka

I have never looked at the photos of the club, so I really did not have any idea how the club looked like, the only thing I knew about it is the thing I wrote in paragraph above and also the fact that beside Slovenian clubbers there were also Italians. My idea was to enter into Ambasada Gavioli and to experience it by myself. My first impression of the club was WOOW… Like a kid that enters a big toy shop, I really didn’t know what to expect but I certainly didn’t expect this. Interior of this huge club that can welcome a total of 2.500 clubbers, somewhat reminded me of Gaudi’s style or some of that kind of buildings that you can see in Barcelona. Walls are mainly colored in red and blue, above one of the bars are two statues that look alike Michelangelo’s David, some of the poles have on themselves pieces of broken mirror while others are painted in black polka dots lined white, the print like you can see on giraffe. Dance floor is in the center but few steps under the rest of the club so it can look like it is in a shallow hole and all around it are elevated levels of various heights so practically if you are making a circle around the main stage you are constantly going one or two steps up or down. If you are standing in the center of the dance floor and if the club is overcrowded as it was the case this time, you really can’t see the DJ because of the hole that you are in and all the most excited first row clubbers that are standing in front and above you. But for sure this is not a big problem because if you want to see the maestro in his work, you can stand on million other spots in the club where you can see him perfectly. In the part of a dance floor also are lifted platforms for those special clubbers that enjoy dancing in that kind of high standing spots. From the left and right side of DJ stand and all over him rises a little bridge which is reserved for dancers, with, I must add, wear very cool outfits that are not too much intrusive.

Whole club is very complex and beside that main stage there is one other, smaller stage which I couldn’t even notice at the first sight. When you enter the club, on the spot where main stage starts, on the left side are small stairs that lead to a terrace and when I was looking at here from a dance floor I thought that was some kind of a chill zone. When they told me that the second floor is right there, I really couldn’t get it how can it be because I saw people that are standing there, there wasn’t any wall or whatever that is dividing these two floors, so from my opinion of how can it be, because for sure the sound is mixing with the main stage, which for me would be very bad. I went to see what is going on, up to the stairs straight to the small terrace, I stood on the fence and had a look on the main floor of the club that looked a little crazy in a good way. I turned myself around and saw that smaller stage is divided with transparent glass, which you can’t really see until you go up to the stairs. No matter of that the one of the top names on world’s DJ list is playing on the main stage, second, smaller stage on which the headliners of the night were Gramophonedzie b2b Angel Anx, for the whole time was full with great atmosphere and energy as same as on the main floor. I was completely overwhelmed because of that fact and it means that the clubbers are listening to the music that they enjoy at the moment. Great thing with these two stages divided in this way is that in any moment you can see what is going on the other stage, top!

Light and sound… Light is perfectly set up in the whole club, which you can see also on the photos           and with that crazy visual impression of the club, light is giving the final touch. The sound is good but to be honest for a club of that level sound can be much better. Don’t get me wrong, you can hear everything properly, especially on the dance floor, but with sound systems that exist today, it can be much better. Also, there is the thing that whole club is made of stone so I believe that is also one difficulty to set up the good sound inside. As I already said, I see in which direction this year’s season is going, so I am certain that the owner and rest of the team that push the club up will do the math and improve the sound system.

druga fotka

Solomun started around 2 AM and in the first half an hour it was very clear that the main tone of the set is going to be techno, and I was glad for the opportunity to listen to him in live in that direction. Slovenian crowd is well known for loving rougher sound so it is very possible that he also knew that. When I say techno, I mean at the leading sound but as it goes with his style with inserts of the tracks from all other directions with always interesting and sometimes really spectacular themes and melodies.

From the moment when he stood behind those 4 CD Players the crowd used every single chance, to scream on literary every break, it looked like they are falling into some kind of trance.

As the set was going further the music was starting to go in a softer direction which was totally in accordance with the club atmosphere. Around 6 AM in first row pop ups a banner with on which was written “Well done Mladen”. That was for sure a highlight of the evening, everything was exploding from positive energy and Solomun left the DJ booth, went to the first row clubbers and hug everyone who was there at the moment.

svaka cast mladene fotka

Because the party has to come to an end a pressure has started around 7 AM but it was more than obvious that Solomun is veeery far from that idea. With a little pressure, music has definitely stopped at 8 AM and Solomun was more than ready to continue to the afterparty.

We went outside of the club and drove around 15 minutes to the place where afterparty was held, that was some house in the middle of nature. When we arrived there were not so many people there at that point and Solomun asked me, what do you think, should I play here aswell or should we all go to sleep, I answered, if you feel like playing, do it we can go in any moment that you wish, if you don’t like it. 3 CD Players were settled up and he started to play, place was filling with the clubbers who were there the whole time and party continued in a perfect flow. From 9 AM until 1 PM we all have listened to top mix that had included all kinds of electronic music directions, but so well packed that I really think, can’t be better than that.

Present trend that goes around the world and I hope it is coming to Serbia also soon is that big names like this one should be given unlimited time for playing. For many reasons I am totally for that idea and concept. For example, from this particular Solomun’s gig I could see that he is not in any hurry, he is building his set up together with a crowd, there are no hasty inserted tracks for the wrong reasons, but that can’t never happen to him of course but to some of the DJs can, so there is time for everything without any tension.

I have listened to him for a few times but now I am totally clear why the crowd adores him so much and DJ colleagues respect him that much. I don’t know how to put in words the vibe he has while he is playing, he enjoys in every single track that he plays on which through he follows with a dance for himself. No matter what he had a serious gig that evening after, opening of a Pacha in Ibiza and the allday afterparty after that, really grande Solomun is without looking at the watch gave whole himself to the fans, party and afterparty. There are only a few DJs like that, who so deeply enjoy the music that they play and the job that they do. And for the end, what I additionally appreciate is the fact that he really choose his bookings, it is no matter of money it is a matter if likes the concept, venue, crowd, so if yes he will come and if no, wish you luck next time.

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