Barutana opening 13.05. // Green Love Festival season closing 14.05. – KatKaos
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Barutana opening 13.05. // Green Love Festival season closing 14.05.

Ohhhh that venue, Barutana…  Generally speaking, I am much attached to that specific venue and I remember only highly positive emotions. Every time I go there, I feel some kind of special, inner happiness. I will never forget those beginnings of 2000s while I was still a young raver and Belgrade’s scene was still in the making, but I will also never forget that special moment when it was reopened after somewhat around 10 years, at spring 2014. For this seasons’ grand opening which was announced a little bit more than 2 weeks before the event with a name that is no less than Dubfire himself. There are two big reasons why Belgrade felt special for his visit. First, he is on tour celebrating a decade under the name Dubfire and second, he is one of the ambassadors that represent new PLAYDifferently mixer Model 1, that has been released to the market by Richie Hawtin.

On the eve of the event, there was this big tension considering the weather, whether it’s going to rain or not, so I called the local weather station and they confirmed that the night is going to be without it. Considering that information, I was totally sure that the party is going to be perfect. As much as I wanted to come earlier on, I came around 12:30 AM and as I came to the venue, first thing that I saw was something new, VIP section. Personally, it looked totally OK, the construction was built on the opposite wall of the stage and it didn’t disturb the space at all. As I could see during the winter season, VIP sections became very popular, so I totally understand why Barutana had to have it as well. During my first hour in the venue I listened to the boys from 031 Republic (Luka Vuković b2b Ivan Radojević) whose music I really like. Guys are really good in their bold, groovy tech house, techno sound and they really did great intro set. I always want to highlight that intro sets are the one of the toughest sets, especially if you are doing it before the headliner, who is a big name like in this case, you really need to find a good balance in rhythm and have some proper good music selection.

Dubfire started with his well-known minimal, slower techno rhythms, which to be honest was perfect for me, but most of the people in the crowd came to literary rave. But beside that, that was very quality music but it was too slow for local young clubbers. At the request of the international DJ star and his crew, 5 – 6 unknown girls came to the stage and pull up the atmosphere, but also, I am convinced that experienced Ali have recognized that crowd craves for stronger and faster beats so everything further went to that direction. A few times I was going through dance floor and VIP floor and have noticed that people are really having great fun. Somewhere around 3:30 AM, young artist Ilija Đoković came to set up his stuff into the DJ booth because it was his time according to the timetable, but Dubfire made his wish to play longer. As it is the case in these kind of moments, surely you have to respect the wish of any guest DJ, especially if it’s such a big name. However… As he went on with his mix, he started having some issues with his equipment, so for the next half an hour his music was stopping but he was not willing to let go of it and let the DJ booth to the DJ that was next.  That certainly lowered the atmosphere and it can be said it molested the crowd a little bit. Somehow finally Ali came to his sense and ended the agony by leaving the stage to Ilija Đoković.

This was a first time for me to hear this young artist’s music at the party, but I have heard only the best critics for him and to be honest I was very happy up front for being able to finally hear what he sounds like. With his first track crowd started screaming and energy was totally back on track. I suggest that we all pay attention to this artist, to be honest I am sure that a big career is just around a corner for him, because of his really quality techno sound. I am also very clear why our domestic crowd loves him that much, first of all he comes from a new wave of DJs and clubbers and second of all, his choice of techno is just the proper one that is now hype among nowadays youngsters.

I also have to notice that line up for this party was perfect from two points of view, the opening of a new season on this lovable venue and considering the choice of a local support for Dubfire. Everything came out just perfect.

For the last set which started at 5 AM Marko Milosavljević stepped to the booth and for the opinion of most of the people, together with Ilija Đoković’s set, he also blew away the crowd. Barutana at that time was still almost totally full and the vibe was at the same point as I can compare to the time for example of 3 AM. The last track Marko played at 6 and after that all went home a little bit sad because party came to an end.

What can I say, except that in the whole history of this venue, which I know very well, bad party almost never happened, or maybe so rarely that I even can’t remember…

14th of May was long time ago booked for Green Love Festival in Novi Sad on which the line up was also promising a great party, so I was much looking forward to it. Last time I went to Green Love Festival, was to listen to great Paco Osuna but at that time I was not writing this blog so I weren’t paying too much of an attention to all the things as I was this time. Honestly, I love going to Novi Sad, beside that I can skip Belgrade for a bit, it’s a warm feeling when you know that you are going to the place and people who will welcome you with big hug and pure loving energy. Green Love Festival parties are being held for 4 times a year and it is the second biggest event in the city apart from Exit Festival. Whole Respected DJs crew with associates came to this point of great production and came up with 3.000 true followers with their hard work, investment and promotion. To be honest, Spens is a very tricky place for making rave parties. As I wrote in my early blogs, halls and big rooms are very hard to turn into a good party venues, especially this one which has basketball court, with like bricks on the walls and stands. So from that point of view I have big respect for the whole organization, everything was set up to the maximum level so that court feeling was totally out of my mind.

I came around 12:30 AM while my favorite Croatian DJ and producer, Petar Dundov was in the DJ booth. He was already playing for an half an hour and I could tell that he was totally connected to the crowd and their vibe, because he played a bit stronger but still, his techno sound. For me his style is very unique and really only his, which I appreciate a lot. He plays techno but in his on way, with his specific melodies and rhythm. As every other time, I totally enjoyed his set.

At 2 AM Anna came to the stage and I really wanted to hear her music because I missed her party at the Tube club in Belgrade. She continued with techno but in her style, definitely stronger that Dundov’s but also very different. In these two examples, from the music of these two DJs, we can see how wide the techno can be. I liked Anna as I thought I would, she has good technique, also good choice of music and good connection with the crowd. During her performance, I went all to the top of the stands, so I could see really magnificent picture of the stage, LED displays and a full dance floor. Whole place was packed with good energy which was given by these a little ’typical’ ravers. Novi Sad clubbers are, to say, still a bit in the time of dancing without t-shirts and the first row is packed with fluo ravers, but with such good energy that they give, I can’t take that for a bad thing.

The honor for a closing set had DJs Lea Dobričić b2b Markyz which have continued in their tech house, techno sound and everything was at the good spot. Party continued with an after party in local club The End, and I have heard it was crazy. I was totally dead, had to drive back to Belgrade and really was not in a condition for an afterparty, but to be perfectly honest, I feel a bit sorry, because Lea told me of her unbelievably good impressions.


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